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Latest 18/05/06
Kohlstream - Jay Brisson
It's been hard trying to pick which song to cover as there are so many amazing songs. Still, in the back of my head, I'm trying to decide inbetween 'The Gentle Art of Choking', 'Deadlines' and 'Moodswings'.

In the meantime, as I woke up with a sore throat, I decided to take a half hour to cover a song I wouldn't normally cover as it is too exquisite of an original, but what the hell...

Here's "Kohlstream"...

Check out for my music.

Losing Touch - Luke (Luke Rounda)
"Recorded April 4, 2006 using a Seagull S6 acoustic guitar, one (1) Shure PG58 vocal microphone and Cool Edit Pro 2.0 software.

Despite my efforts to the contrary, I ended up not including drums or bass guitar. Bass is notoriously hard to record with just one mic and the amp I run mine through isn't even a bass amp. As for drums, I don't own any... and my acoustic guitar didn't make for a very good snare. (Believe me, I tried.)

I used 8 tracks (of a possible 128). At least two of those could have been combined together if I knew better what I was doing in the multi-track.

The whalesong sounding effect during the bridge is actually my singing run through a feedback effect.

For those interested, I put all of my recordings up at"

Always your way (Acoustic) - Sam Heard
A very professional  cover of Always your way from Sam Heard, Rory (Cementedshoes from our forums) Heard's Brother

Always your way (Acoustic) - Anonymous
This is a direct cover with no creative input of my own whatsoever. I just thought I'd give it a go seen as nobody has sent anything in yet and maybe it'd get the ball rollin'.

It was recorded onto tape with a basic four track thingy and a microphone. It's just two tracks, guitar and main vocals were recorded live and then faint backing vocals were added on the second track.

After that I plugged the four track into the 'line in' jack on my PC and recorded it with a streaming recorder program thing as it played. Not that any of this information is even vaguely interesting.

I would like to make it clear that I was quite severely hung over while recording this and I have no idea why I decided to do it in such a state. It's not perfect but I can't be arsed to do it again so yeah. I Hope you enjoy it as much as I suffered recording it.

I'd also like to say I think it would be cool if people could send in their own original recordings. Would be cool to hear music made by My Vitriol fans I think.

Always your way (Acoustic) - Anonymous
Recorded in a living room on an mp3 player just over a year ago. I've fiddled with the EQ a little and added some reverb. Still a single track recording though. A better, full band one is coming when I get the chance to record it.

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