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My Vitriol Shops
 Official Home for all things My Vitriol related,
 Watch this space as I'm sure it will updated on the
 run up to MV's second album.
 My Vitriol's debut, Finelines & Between the Lines
 Can be sampled & brought from iTunes.
 MyVitriol's My Space
 MV's MySpace allows you to stream MV's latest
 tracks and demos. Information based on the band
 and chat to other fans.
 ebay can be a great source for CDs, Posters and
 rare MV material.
 Som Wardner's My Space
 Som Wardner's Official My Space Page. Contains
 a small amount of info for Som, as well as personal
 tracks and covers.
 Official My Vitriol Fan Shop
 Your one stop shop for T-shirts, Wristbands &
 MV stickers. Many happy Customers have  
 Commented on the high level of service.
 MyVitriol's Official Blog
 MV's Official Blog Page, Used to be the temporary
 Home for all things MV. Last updated in 2005
 Although currently only contains two links, this
 could be the source of future My Vitriol News.

Other My Vitriol Fansites

My Vitriol Articles on the Web
 A French My Vitriol Fansite, The site hosts a vast
 amount of live recorded performances. Note : you
 have to enter a name as you enter the site
 My Vitriol Drowned in Sound
Related interviews and articles, Band Bio and
 Gig Reviews from '01-'03
 A Great looking Fansite, contains Audio Clips, News
 & Much more
 My Vitriol Wikipedia
Vast amount of information on My Vitriol here.
 Band history, Album & Single Releases & Press

 Ticket Master
 Get My Vitriol tickets here for up-and-coming gigs.

Media Resources

Other Bands

 Many thanks to Lynch from our forums who has
 uploaded some of MV's music videos & live
 performances to view via YouTube.


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