Older News - 2004/2005/2006/2007

 26th JUNE 2007, 22:56
Download footage
 Big thanks goes out to a couple of people who have uploaded some footage
 from the download gig on You Tube.
 Always your way, if only and
The Agony & The Ecstasy are available to view.
Check out the Download page

 14th JUNE 2007, 18:36
 War of the Worlds is available now on Itunes and A Pyrrhic Victory EP
 is available to pre-order at amazon.co.uk and hmv.co.uk
 Head over to Son of a Robot's My Space Page, where you will find a short
 30 second clip of Electro War of the World Remix.

 13th JUNE 2007, 17:24
My Vitriol storm download
 MV's first festival performance in over 4 years went down a storm at
 DOWNLOAD festival.
 Check out the Download section for more information and photos.
 War of the worlds is out today on iTunes!, Buy here

 23rd May 2007, 23:10
My Vitriol playback, 25th garlic & shots
 MV's Playback at the Garlic & Shots in Soho on the Friday the 25th.
 Not only will you hear 'War of the Worlds' in all its glory but the whole EP.
 Kicks off at 7:30pm
 Venue Details here

 8th May 2007, 19:45
My Vitriol at Download Festival 2007

 As previously announced, My Vitriol will be playing Download Festival on
 9th June. Their slot has now been upgraded, from their headline slot on
 the 3rd stage, to an evening slot on the 2nd stage.

 Playing along side Motley Crue, Satellite Party and Biffy Clyro, My Vitriol
 will be performing on the 18,000 capacity stage.

 Having moved the Astoria show in accordance with the bands promoter,
 this has enabled the band to play other festival appearances. The band
 will now also be playing the Isle Of Skye Festival as well as Guilfest.

 3rd May 2007, 17:45
News and features to follow

 My Vitriol.net has kept in contact with MV and their management,
 and more recently have been working together on getting some upcoming
 news and features to us at mvnet.
 Ive put forward most of your comments which have been frequent forum
 topics on the forums, such as lack of news e.t.c. More on the forums

 25th April 2007, 23:17
MV to play at Download this year
 Its official,
 MV.net can announce that My Vitriol will be playing Download Festival this
 year, and they will be headling the 3rd stage on Saturday 9th June.
 Check out the Download Festival site for more details here

 18th March 2007, 12:20
This Time Video

 A My Vitriol video for their 2007 single made up of around 7000
 still photos taken on loop of a journey around London. Made by Marina Anthony
 has been uploaded on My Space from OrganArt, Watch it here

 15th March 2007, 19:34
War of the Worlds
 New single 'WAR OF THE WORLDS' available for download late May
 To pre-order NOW by SMS, text MYVIT to 82822, 1.50 & network cost of
 SMS only.
 News on the Support for the Astoria Gig to follow, Watch this space!

 3rd March 2007, 00:28
Its Official

My Vitriol.net can confirm that My Vitriol will be playing the Astoria Gig on the
 25th of May, More Details of the Gig will be released soon.
 Keep an eye on Ticket Masters site for Tickets for the Gig, See Below.
 My Vitriol - Ticket Master Page | Forum Thread

 28th February 2007, 23:41
Mv's Secret Track on Radio One
 Tune into Radio One tonight/early Thursday morning for the first play of the
 'secret' single from My Vitriol on the Huw Stephens show.
 For all those who missed it we should be hosting it here.
 Watch this space!

 26th December 2006, 23:54
 'My Vitriol's Xmas/Boxing day Gift
A two minute clip of the Gig has been uploaded on You Tube, Watch it here
 The footage comes from a couple of cameras which were around KOKO.
 The amazing photos from Tom McShane are to be added to the KOKO page

 Hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy new year.

 26th November 2006, 13:38
 'Tom McShane's Photos'
Some amazing photos taken by Tom McShane have been posted on My Space
 of the KOKO Gig. (See Photos above and right)
Cast in Amber CD is now available from the Official My Vitriol Fan club site
 as well as the new My Vitriol T-shirt.

 26th November 2006, 13:38
Head over to our very own My Vitriol KOKO page, now featuring photos and
 videos from the Gig. More to be added very shortly.
 Some great comments from the Gig over at our Forums, If your not already
 singed up, we would love to hear from you. Watch this space...

 25th November 2006, 01:38
 'Back with a bang'
My Vitriol played KOKO in London last night staring a new bass player, Laura.
 (Pictured above in the left photo)
 A full gig review and media will be added to the site very shortly. If anyone has
 any photos or footage of the Gig please sent it to mail@myvitriol.net

 20th November 2006, 19:30
 'Cast in Amber'
 MV are set to release 11 tracks from the Islington Academy 2005 Gig on a
 limited addition live CD named 'Cast in Amber'
 There will be a limited number available at the KOKO gig this Friday. Also on
 the limited release is a 6 minute sample of the brand new album!

 14th September 2006, 23:20
The Cinematics have been confirmed to support My Vitriol with another soon
 to be announced special guest. For those of you who haven't heard of
 The Cinematics, check out their Site and My Space.
The KOKO Gig is Already at 1/3 Capacity since tickets went on sale!

 12th September 2006, 00:36
KOKO, London Tickets
Tickets for the London Gig go on Sale, there are 1500 tickets. Be Quick as the
 Last gig in 2005 sold out very quickly. My Vitriol should announce their
 'Very Special Guests' very soon.
 My Vitriol.net Gigs Section  | Forum Thread

 01st September 2006, 18:40
Mv.net Exclusive
Its been a long time coming but its finally been announced by Som to MV.net,
 My Vitriol's first gig since 2005 in London.
 24th November @ KOKO in London with Excellent support too..
 More details to follow.

 07th August 2006, 18:15
News From the Band!
hi guys, just breaking radio silence to say.. yes the rumours are true.. we are
 planning a show and download single release as we speak.
 It will be a few months yet as we have to finalise legalities with management
 firms etc you'll hear the latest new thru here, the band MySpace and
 Myvitriol.net x

 18th June 2006, 12:20
My Vitriol on Pure Volume
My Vitriol have now a Pure Volume page which allows you to Stream MV's
 Finelines Album.
 Head over to MySpace where you can find newly added Rav's MySpace

 5th June 2006, 00:16
News to come
It's a small world! I went to see Amusement Parks on fire which were playing
 at the 333 Club in London where I bumped in to Som!
 Som was back in London for a few days then heading back to LA next week.
 Read My brief Report here...

 18th May 2006, 08:22
New My Vitriol Cover
Jay Brisson has covered My Vitriol's Kohlstream which has been added to our
 Covers section. We Hope to hear some more great Covers from Jay soon.
 If anyone has a covered a My Vitriol track, please sent it in to the normal

 14th May 2006, 20:15
MV in the U.S.
 US shows being planned Within the next two months and Som is now on
 My Space, Check out his page
 Discuss this on our forums here

 12th May 2006, 18:15
Forum updates
 Our MV forums have been updated, with a brand new look and feel.
 Also we have made a few additions to the board.
 iTunes now features My Vitriol's 'Finelines' & Between the lines albums,
 Available to download

 19th April 2006, 22:38
Audio Section Back Online
Audio page is now back online, We are hoping to get the Video section
 back with more material soon.
Covers section has been redesigned, We now have 4 Covers from Fans,
 Which can be downloaded and streamed.

 19th March 2006, 11:28
Another addition to the My Vitriol : Fansite Covers Section has been added.
 A very professional Acoustic version of Always your way from Sam Heard.

 Head over to My Space where you can see some stunning artwork of Som
 Drawn by fans.
My Space Blog (Right Drawing, very talented Gen William)

 16th February 2006, 20:01
Wow, Long time no update...
 A Very Quiet month for MV news but head over to
www.myvitriol.com where
 you can check out MV's new style front page, Although the page still 
 redirects to MySpace.
 Watch this space soon for a article we are doing, MV : The story so far...

 19th January 2006, 22:19
A BBC Radio 1, Lemacq Live Interview with Som from 2001 has been added to
 the Media Section. 
 Steve talks to Som about their new 2001 Album, Finelines. A Great insight into
 MV and Finelines. 

 13th January 2006, 23:19
The Media section has had a major overhaul, Audio & Videos are in sections
 for ease of use & to accommodate more media.
Media Section
 Head over to My Space where you can view & stream My Vitriol's Grounded
 Music Video staring Vincent Gallo.
My Vitriol's MySpace

 12th January 2006, 21:51
My Vitriol Archives has two new additions, Both from Kerrang! magazine. 
 A Fantastic Gig review from MV's Joiners, Southampton Gig "The Whole place
 erupts" is a quote from the write up and 'Kerrang! Challenge' Where MV are 
 asked various questions.

 06th January 2006, 22:51
Band Members Page has been redesigned and within the next couple of weeks
 should include much more information on Som, Seth, Ravi & Carolyn.
 Watch this space for more updates and content happening on the site very

 05th January 2006, 01:28
My Vitriol's AOL Acoustic Session Video from 2002 has been added to 
 the Media Section. The Session contains Losing Touch, Always your way &
 Ode To The Red Queen. 
Media Section
 If your a Forum Member Head over to the Members section where you will be
 able to Download Ode to the Red Queen MP3 From the AOL Session Video.

 25th December 2005, 23:36
To celebrate Xmas and Som's Birthday on the 26th, My Vitriol's My Space has
 a video clip of the bands latest performance at the Islington Academy in
 London this year. My Space link
 Also check out the following forum thread where you can view My Vitriol's AOL
 session they did a few years back. MV AOL Session

 24th December 2005, 18:12
Since its Christmas you can vote on what video clip from the
 Reading 2001 Gig you would like to be able to download in the next couple of 
 days. Place your vote here on our forums
 Much more to come on the Fansite, more additions to the Archives real soon.
 Have a great Christmas!

 12th December 2005, 18:24
Som has replied to selected messages on My Space.
 Head over to My Space where Som discuses a possible future Tab book, 
 The My Whole World Implodes Track & what Guitars Pedals he uses.
 My Space Page (Requires you to be a My Vitriol My Space Friend)
 Forum Thread

 22nd November 2005, 01:19
Yep, The My Vitriol Fansite is One year old today. 
 The support and feedback regarding the site has been amazing and will
 continue to bring you the latest news & additions to the site as ever.
 Losing Touch from the Leeds '2000 Gig has been added to the Media Section

 11th November 2005, 20:22
(Right Image) In Respect for the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.
 More Official My Vitriol Merchandise has been added to myvitriolfanclub.co.uk
 Moodswings Print, Vintage T-shirt, MV Classic Red Shirt (XL only) & Sticker
 Tongue Tied Live at Leeds has been added to the Media section

 07th November 2005, 19:00
My Vitriol Fansite members covers page. We have an acoustic version of 
 'Always your way' Check out the page here. If you have a cover you would
 like to summit please send us an e-mail 
 Covers Page
 Covers Forum Thread

 03rd November 2005, 19:20
Infantile Live at Leeds clip has been added to the media section available for
 download, many thanks to Lynch from our forums. 
 Keep sending in your MV covers, had a few which sound great. Page will be up
 Soon, look forward to hearing them.

 23rd October 2005, 13:20
Head over to myvitriol.com where a brand new front page has been put up.
 An indication of MV's new look and style. 
 Also from this weekend (Sunday) official my vitriol merchandise will be made
 available online. merchandise from the Islington academy gig including shirts
 and armbands will be available, as well as a few other surprise items!

 20th October 2005, 19:38
News from The Band,
There has been talk of Som relocating to NYC as there has been great 
 American interest in the new record.. that's been part of the hold up"

 19th October 2005, 21:38
wooooo, head over to My Space to listen to My Vitriol's new demo, titled Lost.
 Anyone who used to listen to the Blogs on Myvitriol.com will recognise it. 
 MV's My Space page has had a little re-vamp, hopefully more news to follow.
 Tell us what you think of the track on the forum, Click here

 04th October 2005, 18:43
Have you covered an MV track? 
 Whether your a band or can play a My Vitriol track we want to hear it!
 Record your track and e-mail it to us at mail@myvitriol.net 
 Click here to view the Forum Thread

 15th September  2005, 19:15
Forum Highlights...
 Kit & Tab Section, Q&As answered about Guitar Tabs, Tips and information
 From our Members. Some great posts there which has sparked up a lot of
 Many thanks to all our forum regulars for some great discussion/Information.

 06th September  2005, 18:40
Forum Changes,
 New Section devoted to Guitar tabs, as it seems to be a very popular topic.
 Doddy from our forums will be helping out with that section.
 Head over to the Gallery, In the Press Photos Section, for a Band Write-up 
 and Finelines Review. 

 11th August  2005, 19:01
Head over to My Vitriol's My Space, a full Bio of the band has been put up,
 MV's Music Video, Grounded, Staring Vincent Gallo is available for viewing too. 
 A Live Clip of MV's Ode to the Red Queen has been added to the Media
 Moodswings Single has been Added to the lyrics Section

 10th August  2005, 18:11
Just Received loads of My Vitriol Magazine cuttings from various sources, 
 Ranging from Album reviews to Band interviews (See right)
 All will be scanned and then added to our archives.  
 Click on the image to the right for the full photo, gives you a taster...! 

 02nd August  2005, 18:01
The Complete Album, Finelines, Has been added to the lyrics section of the
 'The Band' Page
 Meanwhile get your self on the My Vitriol's official mailing list, which can be
 found on the Official site, or My Vitriol's My Space

 26th July 2005, 17:25
Forum Highlights...
 News on The New Album James Loughrey who is co-producing the album with
Som says "its gonna be worth the wait" Read his e-mail.
 My Vitriol Channel Do u usually talk on Mirc?
 Thanks to everyone who has joined the forums! Keep posting! 

 14th July 2005, 18:25
News from the band. just received an e-mail from My Vitriol's Website,
 Som has just got back from LA. He was meeting with Interscope US about
 the new record release in the US. The meeting was set up by Butch Vig.
 More news soon
 Also,Apologies,The Site has been down for two days but now up and running.

 12th July 2005, 19:04
Nothing as yet on the My Vitriol front, apart from some minor changes to the 
 My Space page, a new funky Coca Cola stylee logo. My well be an indication 
 on how complete the new MV Website maybe?!
 More Photos added to our Galleries, head over here

 17th June 2005, 21:10 
 Forum Highlights...
 Has Carolyn left the band? Anyone Else heard this? Rumours? 
 What MV Stuff do you own?? Not that it's a true testament to your loyalty or
 anything, but what My Vitriol stuff do you own
 ...Anyway, I'm off on holiday, Will update as soon as I get back! 

 8th June 2005, 16:10 
 For those who haven't seen My Vitriol's Cemented Shoes Music Video... 
 Check out the Media Section. A 30 Second Clip of the Video has been Added 
 Check out the "Other Bands" Sticky on the forum, who sound like MV, Add
 Your Own.

 8th June 2005, 14:56 
 Music Videos re-uploaded in Zip format and are available in .zip format
 Check out the Media section for Downloads.
 More content added to 'The Band' Section of the Website, The Interviews
 Page has been added with two interviews from 2001 & 2002.

 3rd June 2005, 17:43 
 We're Back...!
 As you may be aware, the site has almost been down for two days. This is 
 Due to the amount of bandwidth being used due to the videos which are 
 Downloadable. With so many visitors & Downloads now the videos will have to
 be downloaded in .ZIP format which will be uploaded within the next day.

 28th May 2005, 21:43 
 A Live 30 Second Clip added to the Media Section from the Moodswings 
 DVD (2002)
 More to be added soon. If anyone has any clips of the band, Video Clips,
 Pictures anything please e-mail me and ill put them up on the site!

  9th May 2005, 18:00 
  While the band are finishing off their awaited second album, It seems like their
  are many bands who sound like or inspired by My Vitriol on My Space. First off
  being inpieces who have a great cover of MV's Deadlines
  Another band which took my liking are Pitchblend Check out their stunning site
  which has audio and more information on the band. (Right Photo, Pitchblend) 

  1st May 2005, 19:30
  Official E-mail from the Band...
  "The band are finishing work on their new album, and are planning shows within the next few months,
  with re-launched www.myvitriol.com on the way.
  In the meantime, you can listen exclusively to demos from the new album, clips from the last show,
  meet the fans, and chat with the band online at the Official My Vitriol Fan Space here" 

  25th April 2005, 20:14
  Ok, I couldn't wait, The Band Section of the Website has changed a little, to contain more Information
  on the band. Not everything's there yet.. Check it out...

  I've just been reading some of the comments on My Space, amazing feedback about the band. The
  Band have also included 'Deadlines' on the page too. Click on the Left hand, This Time image or here 

  19th April 2005, 08:14

  Som's away writing lyrics on a Norwegian farm, so the band have released a demo on their website
  Head over here for 'This Time' Demo
  This Time & Always Yr Way Demos, Both sound amazing, please discuss and tell us what you think in
  the forums, Now I'm going to be later for work to get this up! :)

  In the process of updating the band page, changing the layout and adding more information, found this
  Interview from 2001 form Drowned in Sound, Check it out here

  30th March 2005, 19:30
  Som has just returned from his trip from SE Asia, Som's Blog makes some very interesting reading.
  Read it here

  The band members pages completed, check out The Band section. 
  Press Photos of the band from 2001/2002 have been uploaded and ready to be viewed in the Gallery.
  Thanks for the Resources Hung.

  24th March 2005, 18:51
  -- We have moved! Now www.myvitriol.net -- Please update your bookmarks.

  In addition to us moving, we now have a brand new forum which can be found here
  Please take a look and sign up, We will still aim to keep you up-to-date on everything the band does.

  On the MV front nothing to report as yet, we can only hope they are hard a work on the new
  album. Keep you posted real soon. 
  1st March 2005, 19:25
  'The Band' Page updated, Layout & Information now available for Som Thanks to Hung for 
  Helping me out with the information/photos for the band members. Check it out here
  More to come very soon. If any one has anything to add/Comment on e-mail me

  21st February 2005, 18:14
  Just a quick update, nothing to report from MV as yet, must be hard at work on their new album
  and hoping to hear about the CD they are mixing from the Gig. 
  Meanwhile I've just been sorting out a few photos which Hung has provided me with to complete
  'The Band' section of the website, Check out the Gallery for a couple of press photos.

  13th February 2005, 18:33
  Getting into MV, How I got into My Vitriol. Full Story here