Carling Academy 2005,
January 27th 2005 


My Vitriol's first Gig since 2002, and what a Gig...
Set list

 War Of The Worlds
 It's So Damn Easy
 The Gentle Art Of Choking
 Into Yr Arms
 Cemented Shoes
 Ode To The Red Queen
 Under The Wheels 
 We've Lost Our Way
 Losing Touch
 If Only
 Alpha Waves
 Always: Your Way
 Tongue Tied 

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(First Row) David Harvey (Second Row) Jim Haslam Jim's Website (Third Row) Gen Williams Gen's Website (Fourth Row) Ian Miller Ian's Website


Audio / Video

Encore & Deadlines, Live

Audio - 112kps, 3.52mb


Under The Wheels, Live

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 The gig was good. I turned up on time and the queue outside was only around
 300 strong even though the capacity of the place was much more.  I thought
 "oh no, not another failed gig". I think that's why they delayed it. The
 show started half hour to an hour late. By which time the place was packed,
 so that was good.

 The support band was the busted guy's new band - Charlie Simpson with new
 act Fightstar. Sounded alright but I just came for MV. They were the only
 support band.

 They sang roughly 60/40 old/new stuff. Some of the new ones I didn't know,
 but War of the Worlds were there, some of the ones on the MV blogspot were
 there too. Oldies included Losing Touch, Mood Swings (my favourite), 
 Deadlines, Infantile, Grounded, Cemented Shoes, The Gentle Art Of Choking...
 I can't remember anymore. It sounded fantastic live!!

 Hung Hoang. [added 28th January 2005, 20:00]


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