My Vitriol

My Vitriol are a band like no-other. Unclassifiable because their music is unique and almost indescribable because their songs are filled with a spectrum of emotions. Heavy bass lines mixed with angry lyrics overlaid with mesmeric and euphoric strings. Their sound hits you like a freight train and cushions you on the fall. The band are Som Wardner (guitarist / lead singer), Ravi Kesavaram (drummer), Seth Taylor (electric) and Carolyn Bannister (bass).

Whilst studying at the University of London in early 1998, Som Wardner and Ravi Kesavaram got together to record some songs at a friend's studio engineering class. In the space of just two days they put together an EP called "Delusions of Grandeur" which found it's way into the hands of Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq. It received regular slots on Radio 1 and sparked a lot of media attention. Guitar duo Seth Taylor and Carolyn Bannister were added to the band after meeting by chance at local gigs. Seven shows later the band were signed to the Infectious label and their debut album, Finelines released in March 2001.

The band takes it's name from Graham Green's novel 'Brighton Rock'. Set in wartime England, the story revolves around a 17 year old thug growing up in a decaying society. His weapon is a bottle of sulphuric acid, his "vitriol" which he uses to defend himself in his hostile gangland environment.