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Release Date

25th June 2007

Released on CD by Xtra Mile Recordings. Download bundles available from all usual sites

 14th JUNE 2007, 18:31
My Vitriol storm download
 War of the Worlds is available now on Itunes And A Pyrrhic Victory EP
 is available to pre-order at amazon.co.uk and hmv.co.uk.
 Head over to Son of a Robot's My Space Page, where you will find a short
 30 second clip of Electro War of the World Remix.

 23rd May 2007, 23:10

My Vitriol playback, 25th garlic & shots
 MV's Playback at the Garlic & Shots in Soho on the Friday the 25th.
 Not only will you hear 'War of the Worlds' in all its glory but the whole EP.
 Kicks off at 7:30pm
 Venue Details here


Set list

1. War of the Worlds
2. Lord Knows How I've Tried
3. Toy Soldiers
4. ElectroWar (the Son of Robot remix)
Robot's My Space Page (30 Second Clip)

Drowned in Sound

My Vitriol: A Pyrrhic Victory EP, Rating: 8/10

"...just over four years after Som Wardner pressed pause on My Vitriol's rise when it looked to all and sundry like they were on the cusp of bigger things.

... the My Vitriol cult has remained both faithful and large in number (as was evidenced as their gig at KOKO last year).

...what a huge single [this] is: 'War Of The Worlds', is a bright, brutal jewel of a song, which is near impossible to dislodge from your head after a couple of listens. The ocean-sized verses and taut, tension-packed guitar lines make you instinctively reach for the volume knob; instinct screams that this sucker should be played as loud, and as often, as possible. It's the kind of song that makes you desperate to attend a concert to see it played without the studio veneer - even if you had no time for My Vitriol to begin with - just to see if the heavier sections of the track are actually capable of demolishing parts of the venue.

In the end, though, singles should showcase a band putting their best foot forward, and this respect the A Pyrrhic Victory EP succeeds admirably. If the rest of the tracks on the band&#65533;s as-yet-untitled forthcoming album live up to the standard set by 'War Of The Worlds', then it may prove to be worth the four-year wait."