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 4th June 2006, 23:22

Amusement Parks on fire Gig

It's a small world! I went to see Amusement Parks on fire which were playing
 at the 333 Club in London where I bumped in to Som!
 Som was back in London for a few days then heading back to LA next week.

 Below are a couple of Questions I asked Som, most Questions I asked could
 not be answered due to legal reasons. Most are quite short, mainly down to
 the Club being not the best place to ask Questions due to the Loud music!
 Please note the answers from Som below are just a brief sample of the

 M What can we expect from the new album?
 S Its much more refined

 M Will the new album be similar to Finelines, as in the Instrumental Score 
 S Yes

 M Have you checked out the Covers Section on, What do you

 S Yeh, I was listening to them all the other night, Sound great.

 Although not a great amount of information to be had! but was great to finally
 meet Som.
Hopefully at we should have some news to come.
 Watch this space. 

(Above, Photos from the
APOF Gig at the 333