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28th August 2002
Drowned In Sound - We're not as na´ve as we used to be
"Their fans call them "a sonic hand-grenade", their critics call them a "My Bloody Valentine tribute band". Since erupting into the consciousness of UK music fans a couple of years ago in a haze of shimmering, wrecked guitars, chemically imbalanced emotion and biting, sugar-free pop songs, My Vitriol have divided opinion from the word go. The controversial repackaging a few weeks ago of their cinematically-styled debut, Finelines, with the inclusion of a b-sides cd [cunningly monikered Between the Lines] but no new material to speak of, has provided ample fodder for their detractors, triumphantly denouncing the foursome as sell-outs.."
Drowned In Sound : Full Interview

15th April 2001
Drowned In Sound - Presumption is always the mother of all f**k-ups!
"Its just coming up to 6pm and I finally decide to take the courage to attempt my first  interview with my favourite band, My Vitriol. I walk into the Brighton centre with my friend Ian who is going to be recording the interview. We ask for the tour manager, and next thing you know, we are in the dressing room about to start. The band were just hanging around waiting for sound check, so I chose a pretty good time to interview them."

Drowned In Sound : Full Interview